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What is SITCOMM? SITCOMM is a debt acquisition Consortium, our job our duty, Is to help the nation in reducing the national debt, solidifying public policy with respects to understanding the current serious emergency as identified by presidential proclamation 2039, and the March 9, 1933 act codified as 12 USC 95b.

One of the functions and capabilities of SITCOMM is to acquire debt at a premium, and then communicate with the debtor and offer them an opportunity of extinguishing the debt via lower monthly payments, with absolutely no interest rates and never a late penalty. If you're wondering how SITCOMM can accomplish this, we by purchasing the debt are the owner of the debt, the actual holder in due course, and as such we choose, we decide, we elect not to be greedy. In most cases we reduce the amount a party owes by more than 45%. This means that for example, if a person owes on their debt $10,000 with a monthly payment of $350, we take that payment reduce it to less than $200 per month, offering a two-year contract (our contracts are 2 year agreements), and at the completion of the contract the party owns the property (the debt) outright (be it a car, student loan, home, boat or otherwise).

When looking at the map, according to this example that would mean that the party would pay a yearly premium of $2400 and for two years the total amount of out-of-pocket payments is $4800. This is the same program offered by every other debt collector, when they offer the Debtor an opportunity to pay the debt; by offering Debtor* a discounted rate however, our aim is to help improve your credit worthiness and lower the overall impact on the public debt of the United States, '1' account at a time. With other companies, if a person were to attempt to negotiate payment arrangements, they would be subjected to possible aggressive calling, late fees, and other not so nice debt collection practices. Here at SITCOMM we do not operate in that manner, we will never make a single debt collection call to Debtor at Their home, and or at your place of business, the only calls made to Debtor will be those sanctioned by Debtor in the first instance. In other words, if Debtor did not request our communicating by telephone we will not communicate with Debtor by telephone, our policy is that the Debtor must agree to such communication directly.

*The term debtor used in this context 
only refers to how the individual is
identified in statute, and is not meant
to be derogatory in nature. 

Gaining a better understanding of partnership through...

Economics and finances in the current system


'The serious economic emergency'

Ending March 9, 1933 act Congress declared a national emergency based on proclamation 2039 and the recommendation of the Federal Reserve. Documenting that a serious emergency existed that threatened the national and economic security of the United States.


Legal tender status

As a result of the current economic emergency the United States Congress delegated authority to the treasury secretary to prescribe regulations to handle the current emergency. The United States treasury secretary through the Treasury Department has determined the value of legal tender as follows:
"Federal Reserve notes are not redeemable, and receive no backing by anything This has been the case since 1933. The notes have no value for themselves"

6. 6.1798

An Act providing for the relief of persons imprisoned for Debts due to the United States

That any person imprisoned upon execution issuing from any court of the United States, for a debt due to the United States, which he shall be unable to pay, may, at any time after commitment, make application, in writing, to the Secretary of the Treasury, Ante, p. 48.stating the circumstances of his case, and his inability to discharge the debt;


We will try to assist!

Because of the many securities acts enacted by Congress from 1933 to the present, and THE AGE OF THE MAJORITY ACT (recognized by every nation and state), the assets and properties of the people of the United States have been held in trust until they attain the age of the majority, upon attaining the age of the majority the assets and the securities associated thereto are to be turned over to the control of the recipient majority member- 31 CFR 363.6, .10, .20, .27

Accordion with media

We can prepare documents, send them to the appropriate agencies documenting the evidence and information associated with "the current serious emergency", and its effect on your ability to pay a debt owed or due to the United States or any other party.

According to presidential proclamation 2039, the treasury secretary is charged with the responsibility of overseeing finances and other properties of the United States i.e. "Government Obligations". All property of the United States, is owned by the United States, and the legal tender printed by the treasury through the Bureau of printing and engravement, in the form of Federal Reserve notes operate as a mortgage on all of the property and the people of the United States-see the congressional notes for the March 9, 1933 act for verification ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual
so-called "ownership" is only by virtue of Government, i.e. law,
amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law,
and subordinate to the necessiti es of the State. The fact that citizens,
at a given time, may prefer specie to currency, or vice versa, can not
prevent Congress from enacting those laws which it deems necessary
to the maintenance of a proper monetary system.  

That information will be provided as time goes by, this is a new service being offered by our organization, and it is a service that is long overdue. We are working out the logistics at this time, please be patient with us, and we will keep you updated via this portal/website.


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