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Our parent company THE SECURITIES ACQUISITION TRUST COMMISSION, has created the Q-Pak as a direct result of the federal code "31 CFR § 363.6 - What special terms do I need to know to understand this part?" Which gives the definition for an individual who has not attained the age of the majority: Minor means an individual under the age of 18 years. The term minor is also used to refer to an individual who has attained the age of 18 years but has not yet taken control of the securities contained in his or her minor account.
Minor account means an account that a custodian controls on behalf of a minor, that is linked to the custodian's primary account. "

It does not say a minor with a trust account, a minor with a treasury direct account, a minor whose parents have left an inheritance to them, it gives the definition for a minor, this is a legal term with a legal specific definition. This definition highlights that a minor has securities created as a direct result of the securities act of 1933 and the subsequent amendments and other acts created thereafter. The Q-Pak was created to help individuals gain access to the securities. As stated in the Code a minor has an account and a minor account is one that is controlled by a custodian on behalf of the minor. There is no need to know who the custodian is or to prove who the custodian is, the only thing one should be concerned about in our opinion, is that there is a custodian, and that they have to gain control and/or seize control from the custodian as prescribed in the aforementioned federal law.

However, in most cases the custodian does not want to relinquish control and/or help you understand how to gain control. The Q-Pak, Is designed to help individuals achieve such control, as with everything we can't guarantee that an individual will gain control, what we can guarantee is that we will give you the tools necessary i.e. an arbitrator option so as to get the party to relinquish control and to have yourself declared as having attained the age of majority as prescribed in law.

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This Pak includes an arbitration agreement. With the many different attempts to change the arbitration act, to block individuals from taking advantage of their right to arbitration, the time is now.
This particular Pak include 1. Power of Attorney, 2. Notification of attaining the age of the Majority 3. Disaffirmation of all contracts made during infancy, 4. Individuals non-taxpayer status as well as a express trust agreement 5. A statement from the Arbitrator that the Party has attained the Age of The Majority, triggering to right to the securities Held in the Minor Account.

This pack will also include 6. Foreign Corporation Employer Identification number, 7. Uniform Commercial Code financing one statement filing, and inclusion into the SATCOMM FOUNDATIONAL trust agreement.

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