Because no one else thought of it!

So many companies are more concerned about the bottom line, making their next fortune, selling their next product, there so-called third quarter, fourth quarter earnings. We are concerned about the health and well-being of our organization, but we are not so concerned that we will push all ethics and all morals aside just to accomplish a certain goal. It is not our aim, it is not our job, it is not our position to take advantage of anyone, whether they are your neighbor, the government, or you. We want to be and we will prove that we are different, why not help us to help this world become a better place to exist, to live?


The wrong image of Government

Many people of had a misconception of government, they have thought of government as being the so-called "bad guy", but that's not the case.

The duties of government

Governments job is to protect the interests of the general public as a whole as well as to protect the rights of the individual citizen.

Citizens have asked for help

Governments are in place because citizens have said, "we need help", and so they established Government to help accomplish certain functions in the interest of the general public as a whole.

So as you can see, Government serves the most important function in society, If there is a fire, instead of running to your neighbor's house and saying I need your help you and your neighbors have gotten together and formed a group whose responsibility is to assist each other when there's a fire known as a fire department. You do the same thing if there is a crime committed, many of you have gotten together and formed a group to help provide security, this is known as a Police Department. The same is done for every other facet that Government is associated, but like the people who helped form Government, Government is never to be perceived as perfect.

Okay so government is in perfect, but what do we do?

It comes as a shock knowing that Government is not perfect, however, no one ever claimed that Government would be perfect, that was an assumption. What we must do is what we ask Government to do in the first place, we must help Government, so that its job is less stressful, less difficult, less burdensome. Do you see, Government helps and benefits the general public, and since that is the case if we help Government, then GOVERNMENT can then help us, and that makes things better for everyone.

At SITCOMM LLC it is our hope and our goal and our aim to help and assist Government, we start first by helping to reduce the national debt. We make sure that we follow all applicable laws and statutes because, when dealing with commerce you must operate under the dictates of statute. The law holds that Congress has the right to regulate commerce, that basically means any time finances are involved, they are statutory regulations enacted by Congress that govern.

So here at SITCOMM LLC, we are affiliated with several other organizations who have the same goal as we do, to help bring down the national debt and thus reduce the burden and impact of the people of the nation on the nation itself. There are certain programs, and or processes that individuals can do to help reduce their burden on the government and reduce their debt. For we are all indebted to someone and it is necessary that we do what ever is possible to help balance the scales so-to-speak.

As time goes on we will continue to explain how and the current point in our history SITCOMM LLC has helped to reduce the debt of the nation by more than $12 million within a period of 6 1/2 months. We are expecting that number to grow by 600 million by the end of the year of 2019. There are technical issues associated with this, as we cannot be as an organization aggressive nor can we shoot for the moon as they say, because such would have a negative impact on the economy, and that is not our goal and/or our pain.

As stated by the United States treasury - when they introduce the emergency script known as legal tender, they were creating an economy: "Federal Reserve notes are "backed" by all the goods and services in the economy." https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Currency/Pages/legal-tender.aspx this is precisely the reason why Federal Reserve notes are backed by nothing, and or not redeemable, and have no value, because their sole purpose was to help to either stabilize the market and or create a new economic market after the market crash of 1929 (presidential proclamation 2039, the Securities act of1933) The Security Act of 1933 was a legislative statute that was passed under the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Security Act of 1933 was a component of the ‘New Deal’, which was a legislative reform act that was put in place in order to promote economic growth and stimulation with regard to the United States Economy. https://finance.laws.com/security-act-of-1933